Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What We are NOT EATING Wednesday-Escargots

I am blogging with my friend, Melynda, of Mom's Sunday Cafe again this week.  She started a new feature called What We Are NOT EATING Wednesday.  I joined her a couple of weeks ago, with a recipe from Gourmet Magazine's first cookbook.  (I missed last week because of the holiday.)

This week I am featuring a recipe from my 1969 Betty Crocker Cookbook--Escargots (Snails).  I am fully aware that this is considered a French delicacy, but my stomach seizes up at the thought of actually eating one of those critters I've seen sliming across the garden and gobbling the marigolds. 

What about you? Have you eaten them? I would love to hear some comments from those who have, as I have never known a single person who had indulged. And please don't tell me they taste like chicken. 


  1. I have eaten snails.
    Richmond, Va.
    Early 70's.
    I'm thinking my sister introduced me to them.
    And then I had them at a Richmond restaurant.
    I've even served them once.
    I had a gift box of nice, pretty, clean shells,
    and a can of snails.
    Lots of garlic and parsley and you sop up the butter with toasts.
    It was not objectionable, but I still ask, "Why?"
    I'll just eat a fungus, mushroom, instead.

  2. And no. They don't taste like chicken.
    They taste like snail.

  3. Your the best! Thanks for joining in the fun.....

  4. I'll order escargots if I'm at a good restaurant & I see it on the menu, I guess for the novelty. They're usually swimming in so much butter & garlic, you can't taste much else. And they're typically served with a nice baguette, so I've always thought they taste like garlic bread!

  5. Yes, I have. Similar to steamer clams. Well maybe that was the butter and garlic. What I had was very clean and delicate. I'm with Margie except that food like this needs a glass of dry white wine. If your dinner partner is slightly grossed out, it's even better. My favorite dining companion is a meat and potato sort of guy, so it isn't all that hard.