Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What We ARE NOT Eating Wednesday--Tomato Aspic

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Once again, I am blogging with my friend, Melynda, for What We ARE NOT Eating Wednesday. If you want to join the fun, check with Melynda at her excellent blog, Mom's Sunday Cafe.  She is also hosting a Culinary Smackdown which you will probably want to participate in.

When I was a girl, my Mother and I, with Mama's best friend and her two daughters, would go shopping in downtown Columbus, Georgia. The highlight of our trips was having lunch at Morrison's Cafeteria. This was a time when the cafeteria was a very nice place, with plush carpet, white linens, proper silverware, crystal chandeliers, hushed voices.  Waiters, dressed in immaculate white jackets, would bring the food trays to the table and pour goblets of ice water from silver pitchers.  The food was scrumptious and I would always have the cherry pie.

Mama's friend always ordered the tomato aspic. I would be horrified when the waiter placed it on the table, shimmying with its blob of mayonnaise.  I couldn't watch her eat it.  Tomato aspic is a Southern "delicacy" I never acquired a taste for.  Ugh, tomato jello--with Mayo!  If you want to venture it, here are a few recipes.  Tried and true from the ladies of the Trinity Methodist Church in Opelika, Alabama (my home town). 


  1. Ahh, yes tomato jello. I use to think of it that way also, too funny. Who knew not eating would be so much fun. Thanks for playing and the nice shout out.

  2. I thought I ate everything until you two started pointing out all the stuff I wouldn't want to eat. A real eye opener.

  3. I definitely would not eat that! These wouldn't eat it posts always give me a laugh :)