Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What We ARE NOT Eating Wednesday: Veal Kidneys Flambeed

My friend and blogging buddy, Melynda, started a really fun feature on her blog last week.  She loves old cookbooks and decided to choose an icky recipe from one to post as "What we ARE NOT eating Wednesday" each week.

Last week, she focused on a salad made with both lemon jello and baked beans.  I'm not joking. You can check it out here.  This week, she DOES NOT eat French-Style Liver.

Because I also love old recipes and old cookbooks, and I thought it was such a cute idea, I decided to join her. A while back, my husband came home with a cookbook he found at a rummage sale. It is the first volume of Gourmet Magazine cookbook, published in 1950. I chose the Veal Kidneys Flambeed because I love the copper chafing dish but the thought of eating a baby cow's kidneys makes my stomach hurt.  And it also looks pretty awful.

If you want to join in on the fun, check with Melynda at her very sweet blog, Mom's Sunday Cafe


  1. That does sound icky; but that book is an awesome find. Have you made anything from it yet?

  2. I might have to take a stab at this. I've never seen veal kidney, but I love calf liver and that's readily available.
    Thanks for a new idea.

  3. Eww! That is very gross! But on a whole other subject - your doggie is adorable!

  4. I linked your post, people need to visit here. Your blog is GREAT! This is fun.....

  5. Gosh, I have both volumes of that cookbook. It is considered a classic.

  6. Hamburger Helper al la Frances


  7. Oh yuck! But what a fun idea to do these posts!