Sunday, June 26, 2011

Crazy Crust Pizza

Here's an old one for you.  The original recipe for Crazy Crust Pizza was from a bag of Pillsbury flour when you could buy one for twenty-nine cents, and the grocer still used a Garvey stamper for pricing. 

This is one of many, many pizzas made in my kitchen. I have made pizza dough from scratch, kneading by hand. I have used Boboli pre-made crust.  I have used pita bread, French bread, English muffins for making pizza. I have made thin crust, deep dish, individual, and party-size pizzas.  Heck I have even made little pizzas using crackers. 

And just how many pizzas have I made on this pan?


  1. Looks great! Can't wait to try this! I love pizza

  2. That pizza looks amazing! You can't beat those old tried and true recipes! :)

  3. Hee. I have a pan that looks like that.
    It actually has tiny slits where a knife has gone through.

    Now I'm wanting pizza for breakfast.

  4. OMG I Love you I really really Love you!!! This was one of my brothers favorite pizza recipe I use to make and I had the exact same cut out from the sack but lost it over time!!! I have tried other ones that I have found over the years since crusing the Internet (and I never thought that it tasted the same)but NEVER found this one!!! You cannot KNOW how happy you have just made ME!!!! TY TY TY You are Awesome!!!!!

  5. this ia a really good pizza my grandpa makes alot and he has some own touches to it.