Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cuban Sandwich

I had some leftover roasted pork and decided to make some Cuban sandwiches. Of course to make a perfect Cuban sandwich, you need Cuban bread, which I did not have. For a substitute a good French bread (not baguette) or Italian loaf will work, or any other bread which is crusty on the outside and soft inside.

Cuban Sandwich
Cuban or French bread
softened butter
Sliced (not shaved) ham
Sliced, roasted pork
Dill pickle slices
Swiss cheese slices
Mustard, optional

Generously spread the bread with softened butter and mustard if using. Layer with ham slices, roasted pork, pickle slices, and Swiss cheese. Top with another slice of buttered bread. Grill and press the sandwiches until browned and cheese is melted.

Sandwich Press Hack

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  1. That looks so good, even at 7am ;o) We go to a little Deli here that serves the best cuban pork sandwiches and have been talking about making our own at home as well, so thanks for posting this I will have to bookmark your recipe.