Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Can Smell Again!

After 5 disconcerting days of not being able to smell a thing, I started getting breakthrough hints of scents yesterday. Last night, while making guacamole, I halved a lime. As I was squeezing it over the avocado, I noticed the aroma. I brought the lime half to my nose and sniffed. Ah-h-h, the fragrance of a lime. It was like music to my nose!


  1. Not being able to smell is the worst! Glad you're feeling better. I had a similar moment while getting over a cold a couple months ago with garlic. Good times.

  2. I can SO relate to the loss of sense of smell. I had the worst case of it some months back and even now, I can just whiffs of stuff once in a while. Really disconcerting!