Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine Roses

Some years hold more romance than others, when you have been together as long as my husband, Pritchard Parker and I have. I'm glad this was one of the more romantic Valentine years. I had been trying to decide, for a few days, what I wanted to cook for a special dinner, thinking of all Pritchard Parker's favorites. Then he asked me out. Yes. Yes! I did want to go out and celebrate. So we made our plans. Friday, the 13th, the day before Valentines, he gave me some beautiful roses. I gave him chocolates. On Saturday, we went downtown to our favorite Indian Restaurant, for a delicious buffet lunch. Then we walked and walked, browsing in bookstores, newstands, art galleries. The weather was cool (45 degrees), breezy, and drizzling rain. Very romantic. Couples were everywhere, doing exactly what we were--celebrating relationships. Love was in the air and I am so happy that I had a boyfriend. I loved the day so much, that I felt a little sad the next day.

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