Sunday, May 5, 2013

Grilled Camembert and Fig Preserves on Cuban Bread

I checked weather (dot) com this morning, not that I needed to. It is raining, has been raining, and will continue to rain for a few more days. Our yard already looks like a rice patty and I feel like I may mildew. For a fine spring day in May, it is cold! I see that we have 2 weather alerts--one for flash flooding and the other for high pollen count. Hmmm.

Good thing it is cozy inside.

~~2 hours later, after a power outage~~
I was about to say. . .
Pritchard Parker recently splurged on a small wheel of Camembert. That is one creamy and flavorful cheese. It looks like Brie, but tastes (and smells) much more pungent. At room temperature, it oozes thickly and the rind is perfectly edible.
We have a new bakery in town and I had bought a loaf of Cuban bread. With the cheese, the bread, and the last jar of fig preserves I made last summer, we had the makings for a delicious sandwich.
Spread thickly sliced Cuban bread with a generous amount of Camembert. Top with fig preserves. Sprinkle with a couple of drops of Balsamic vinegar. Butter the outside of each bread slice and grill until golden brown and crispy.


  1. My husband would love love love this! Rain? Yes, here too.

  2. We had these sandwiches 2 days in a row--with a salad. You should make your sweetie one! If I don't see some sun soon, I think I'll mildew.