Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mixed Grill

We eat meals like this a lot in the summer. It may not look exciting, but there is plenty of flavor and texture here, and this made a perfectly delicious and satisfying meal for our 4th of July picnic for 2. 

When we cook like this, I do all the kitchen prep and Pritchard Parker is the master of the grill. 

Here, I started with the ribs, trimming them and cutting into serving size portions. Next, I coated the portions with my favorite spice rub for pork and let them marinate for about an hour.  Afterwards I cooked the ribs for 10 minutes on the steamer rack of the pressure cooker.  Once they were ready for the grill, they were technically "done", though quite unappealing looking. Finishing on the grill made them perfect.

While the meat was marinating, I worked on the vegetables, which were zucchini, Vidalia onions, corn on the cob, asparagus, and new potatoes. The zucchini were cut in half length wise and drizzled with rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil. The Vidalia onions were cut into thick slabs, skewered, then topped with a bit of honey and cayenne pepper. I skewered the asparagus to make little rafts, which I then drizzled with olive oil, squeezed on some lemon juice, and salt and pepper. For the corn, olive oil, salt and pepper. 

The potatoes were also drizzled with olive oil in addition to finely chopped fresh rosemary, coarse sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper.

First, Pritchard Parker cooked all the vegetables. Then the meat and potatoes.

We served the ribs with Eastern North Carolina Barbecue Sauce.


  1. Invite me to dinner, please!

  2. I love grilled vegetables, especially one that look like these so this is exciting.