Friday, July 1, 2011

Cardamom and Black Pepper Chicken

Curry-Palooza #4

It's Curry-Palooza time again!  Grapefruit chose the recipe this month and broke our vegetarian trend by choosing a chicken recipe--Cardamom and Black Pepper Chicken. I was excited about the recipe because I love cardamom.  Margie will choose the next recipe and I look forward to seeing what she decides on. 

This is another Madhur Jaffrey recipe, and I followed it as precisely as I could. It turned out great! Alice and Baby had dinner with us and they loved it too. 

The recipe directions call for marinating the chicken for 30 minutes or up to 3 hours. I went closer to the 3 hour mark, while I prepped all the ingredients, and made other dishes to serve with the chicken.  It was a pleasant and aromatic afternoon in the kitchen.

 I've said  before, I am always fascinated by the way different cooks can start with the same recipe and the results turn out so differently.  One of many things to love about cooking. 

Here is Margie's Cardamom and Black Pepper Chicken. She served hers with a side of fresh snap peas from the farmers' market, as well as homemade naan. 

Camille, of Croque-Camille, joined us this month and here is her version of Cardamom and Black Pepper Chicken.

We are having fun with this event and would love to have you join us in Curry-Palooza, which is still a new project. As each person joins, they get to choose the recipe, in the order they join.  Just let me know, or let Grapefruit know. 

And check out Grapefruit's blog, Needful Things, for the recipe.


  1. Looks wonderful & I am so glad that you all enjoyed it so much! My post will go up shortly.

  2. It is fun to see how the same recipe turns out in different kitchens. Is that your raita in the background? Love that stuff!

  3. Great idea to garnish with lemon slices. I also enjoyed the aromatic afternoon making this recipe! And you're right, it's always fun to see how each cook puts their own spin on the recipe.