Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Found List #1

I love lists. I live and organize my life with lists, master lists, sub-lists. There is the ongoing shopping list in the kitchen where I jot down grocery items as I exhaust them. And of course, there are post-it-notes, which I adore. Lists help me save money and time, and free my mind of having to "remember" things, so it is free to dream and create.

I became fascinated, years ago, by strangers' discarded grocery lists. I like piecing together a story of a person by their list. I speculate about whether they are male or female, lifestyle, single or partnered, children, whether someone enjoys cooking, their state of health, often hobbies are revealed, religious propensities, and whether they are happy. Later, I learned I am not the only one. . .there are websites, such as grocery lists.org and even a magazine, Found. The magazine features not just lists, but letters and other found items. Not me, I'm only interested the the grocery lists.

This is the first list I ever saved and is still my favorite. To this day, it makes me smile to see the title and date, along with the obvious effort on the handwriting. It is a very hopeful list and I have my imaginary story of the man, yes man, who made this list.

Stay tuned for more found lists.


  1. I love the bottom two...has to be a man:)

  2. cous cous, "parsnipps", canned luncheon meat, Shlitz and rubbers. Sounds like four food groups to me

  3. Jessica, yes, a man who was hoping to get lucky.

    Anon, I liked "letticce" also.

  4. So funny, the random-ness of his spelling proficiency. He can't spell 'creem' or 'letticce' yet can spell "luncheon". You'd think he'd write 'lunching.' Well most importantly, got Schlitz spot on! LOL