Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time for Christmas Cookies

Goodies Ready to be Packaged as Gifts - Christmas 2008

Last fall, even before the economy crashed, and some time before I lost my job, I decided I was going to give food to everyone on my Christmas gift list. For a number of reasons. I wouldn't have to waste time in traffic to go to the mall, or worse yet, the BoxMart. I didn't have to worry about sizes, styles, or color preferences. I didn't have to concern myself with whether a recipient would have the space (or desire) to display or store my gift. Everyone eats. And most of all it is a way to share something I love with people I love.

The first day Pritchard Parker came home from work, last December, to freshly baked cookies, I told him to Eat Cookies! I had plans to make dozens and dozens and hundreds of cookies, so he should feel free to help himself throughout the season. Which he did and loved it.

Trays of Cookies to Share

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