Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Trip to the Farmers Market

Pritchard Parker and I went to the Farmers Market but first we stopped to eat breakfast at The Moose Cafe which is located at the market.

The Moose Cafe is not an elegant restaurant nor does it serve dainty portions of "chef inspired" creations. The Moose serves hearty portions of the freshest, made from scratch, home style Southern cooking. Go there hungry. Go very hungry. 

At your table, you will be greeted with a plate of delicious "cat's head" biscuits and apple butter.

Delicious Biscuit with Apple Butter

We both ordered "The Biltmore" (Big House; Big Breakfast). While I have eaten at The Moose Cafe a number of times before, I had never ordered their Moose Cake. We ordered them with blueberries and my eyes about popped out when I saw the size of that pancake. It was the size of a plate. And not a small plate; a dinner plate. That cake was 8 or 9 inches across!

On another plate were the eggs, bacon, grits, and another huge biscuit. We both had 2 (two) platefuls of food set before us. This breakfast also included a bowl of gravy which neither of us touched. Couldn't. I have to say we did this meal justice. We took our second biscuits home and enjoyed them with dinner.
It was a good thing we were about to do a lot of walking!
Vidalia onions, New Potatoes, Pickling Cucumbers


Colorful Bell Peppers

Yellow Zucchini

Half Runner Green Beans


I also bought strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. I can't wait to get cooking.
One of the vendors promised to call me in about 2 weeks--she is expecting an excellent crop of  elusive figs this summer. !!


  1. What a wonderful day! That cafe sounds like a winner.

  2. It was a good day; we had fun. I usually have a vegetable plate for lunch at the café. Thanks for your comment.