Monday, June 10, 2013

Leftover Omelet Sandwich with Fresh Fruit for my Lunch

 I had made a Vidalia Onion and Cheddar Omelet for dinner last night and had some left over. As I was making a sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread for lunch, along with some fresh fruit, I thought about a former co-worker, Dick. One day, at lunch time, I was in the break room peeling a mango. He came in for another cup of coffee and asked, "What is T-H-A-T!?*!" I answered, "It's a mango, want a bite"? He quickly replied, "No!! I like my steak plain"!

He then proceeded into a long diatribe about how hard it is to find a plain steak in a restaurant. They are all marinated or have some kind of rub. How many steaks he's had to send back. That one restaurant manager informed him they don't have any plain steaks. And on and on.

Meanwhile, I have finished peeling and dicing my mango, was thinking about the fact that I didn't offer him steak, and would he kindly move so I could leave the room, go back to my office, and enjoy my mango in peace.

I Love Cantaloupe and Blueberries Together.

He was of the opinion that I only ate healthful (weird) food because Michelle Obama told me to. He was damn determined not to eat anything healthful because she should just get off our backs. I never bothered to advise him that I was eating healthfully long before any of us had heard of Michelle Obama. That she has nothing to do with my food choices.

I further wondered how many people in this country would prefer a McDonald's lunch over what I was having?


  1. Lovely and fresh, what more could you ask from a satisfying lunch? Leftover eggs are delicious, it took me a while to learn that. That sandwich looks wonderful.

  2. My Grandmother used to put leftover eggs in tuna salad. That is very good. Thank you for your comment.

  3. If I haven't cooked supper - I always throw together a quick omelet instead. The way we have ours is with diced onion, diced tomatoes and green chile peppers, fresh coriander and a generous sprinkle of cayenne and salt. Delicious!
    I agree - combined with fruit this makes the perfect meal.

  4. So much nicer than stopping for fast food. Tastes better and is just as easy. Thank you for your comment.