Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Homemade Butter

Homemade butter is very easy to make and results in a lower moisture, creamier textured butter which resembles European style butter.
Start with the best quality heavy cream (36% - 40% butterfat) which is pasteurized but not "ultra-pasteurized". Whipping cream (30% butterfat) will result in butter but won't be as creamy. Ultra-pasteurization provides a longer shelf life but regular pasteurization tastes fresher. 

While there are many ways to churn butter, I opted for ye old-tyme electric mixer method. Place 16 ounces of cream into a deep bowl and start beating. First, it will become whipped cream, but keep beating. Add a pinch of salt, if desired.

If your mixer comes with a spatter guard, use it. If not, drape a kitchen towel around the bowl. Once the butter starts forming, it will start splashing madly. I am NOT exaggerating here. Once the butter has completely separated from the liquid and formed into a mass, you are finished beating. Strain the butter and pack it into a crock (aka ramekin) or other container.

The liquid that separates out from the butter is buttermilk. Save it for baking. I poured mine back into the cream carton, labeled and dated it.

From my pint of heavy cream, I yielded about 8 ounces each butter and buttermilk.

Enjoy at the table.


  1. One time I got to go to the same creamery that my Godparents milked for (Challenge dairy/processing in Northern Ca) that day, they were making butter. I think those vats made about 100 pounds of butter at a time. I adore homemade butter and the leftover buttermilk, which makes the best everything when you bake! Thanks for the great reminder of my childhood.

  2. I'm glad this sparked a good memory for you. I would love to see butter being made commercially.