Thursday, September 10, 2009

October Beans

During my trip to the Farmers Market yesterday, I saw that the cherries, peaches, and melons of summer had given way to field beans, cabbages, sweet potatoes, and scuppernongs. Tomatoes are still abundant and I saw a large field of ripe, red tomatoes being picked, on my way to the market.

I was happy to see the October beans and bought a bag full. The shells are very easy to open and the beans look like you hope they will, ivory colored, with red splotches and specks, just like the shells.
The beans have a creamy texture and a mild nutty flavor. I was disappointed the first time I made them and discovered they don't keep their pretty color when cooked. The specks disappear and they turn a brown color, not that different looking than a pinto bean, but their taste and texture is more like a great northern or navy bean. The October bean's delicious taste more than compensates for the fading of its beauty.
I enjoyed my visit, as I always do, to the Farmers Market. I like hearing the mountain bluegrass music, seeing all the displays of fresh fruits and vegetables, preserves, jellies, sourwood honey, mountain crafts. I love the lively atmosphere, lack of pretension, and friendly people.
When I came home, I cooked a simple country supper of October beans with country ham, braised cabbage, baked golden sweet potatoes, sliced tomato, and cornbread muffins.


  1. October beans... the BEST!

  2. Do you have any idea where I can find canned october beans? I have searched the internet to no avail. I have begun contacting local produce stands, farmers' markets and country stores. If you could offer any assistance at all, I would greatly appreciate it. You can contact me by e-mail at Thank you.

    Amy Wrenn

  3. Amy, it just so happens that I have a can of October beans in my food storage. The brand is: Food Club. They are distributed by Topco Associates. Good Luck! Rocquie

  4. I would to plant some sage trifle seeds does anyone know where I can order some.